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PK-8 LaunchPad Application Process 4-23-15 to 5-8-15

As part of our One to World initiative, Barrington 220 is seeking a cadre of teachers committed to redesigning classroom instructional practices using iPads and other Digital Age learning resources. We are calling our first-year iPad launch "LaunchPad." The group will use iPads and other technology resources to engage Pre-Kindergarten–Grade 5 students in self-directed learning, increase personalized learning opportunities, foster creativity, and stimulate innovation.

The Barrington 220 One to World Initiative:

Allows students to participate as global citizens.Provides unlimited opportunities for real-world learning.Fosters creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.Facilitates personalized learning through ownership, choice, and reflection.Allows for immediate and strategic feedback.
Interested teachers in Pre-Kindergarten–Grade 5 are invited to apply to the LaunchPad initiative as Building Grade Levels. Building Grade Level classroom teachers who apply …