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Taking a Hammer to SAMR: Redefinition

An earlier article defined Dr. Ruben Puentedura's SAMR model as a tool teachers can use to describe the opportunities afforded to students by technology integration. In this sixth article of the "Taking a Hammer to SAMR" series, we learn about Redefinition, the fourth level of the SAMR scale—the use of technology tools that allow for processes that would not be conceivable without the use of technology—a learning activity that has been transformed. Both Modification and Redefinition refer to Transformational uses of technology.

The SAMR Activity Scale:

The SAMR Activity Scale outlines how technology integration affords students opportunities to learn and demonstrate their learning. In the SAMR continuum, Redefinition refers to the use of technology tools that allow for a redesign of the original task. At the Redefinition level, technology use transforms the task of a given lesson. The Pedagogy and Content Knowledge of TPACK remain the same, regardless of the techno…

Information about the Email System Change

During Spring Break, Barrington 220 will change our email system from GroupWise to Gmail. We have taken several steps to help make this transition as smooth as possible.

Our GroupWise to Gmail website includes important information related to the transition. Please bookmark this site. We add tips and directions to the site regularly based upon questions that come from teachers, staff, and administrators.
Included on the website, you will find a page devoted to learning how to use Gmail. The Gmail system is very similar to GroupWise and other web-based email services. Many users will likely find that no formal training is needed to use Gmail.
NEW! Based upon user feedback, we will keep GroupWise available until June 30, 2015. This means that you can access GroupWise in the same way you access it now and see your old messages, Cabinets (folders), calendar, and contacts. HOWEVER, after Spring Break, new email will only be sent to and from Gmail.
NEW! Based upon user feedback, we will be offe…