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A Star Wars-Themed Mailbag on Instructional Technology on May the Fourth

May the Fourth be with you!

The Force One to World initiative is Awakened on the rise. We are Jedi teachers, armed with the best lightsabers MacBook Airs and iPads and ready to fight the battle for The Resistance the students against the evil of The First Order time. Jedi Teachers continue to use the Force best practices in a battle against the Dark Side instruction and assessment. The Resistance Students use lightsabers technology to wage war against the tyranny of evil of Kylo Ren and The First Order transform how they learn and demonstrate learning. There are still stormtroopers questions to destroy answer and this secret map mailbag will show you the way to Luke Skywalker help prepare you for an aerial space assault unlike anything you've ever seen a summer of professional development ahead of a gut-wrenching lightsaber duel great 2016-2017 school year.
This photo misspells "One to World" and "MacBooks and iPads" (
All of the following question…

iPad Accessibility Options and Apps to Support Reading & Writing

Kelly Key’s Top Picks AT Coordinator, Barrington 220
Supports for Reading

Enable Text-To-Speech with additional Highlighting Feature
Settings > General > AccessibilitySpeak Selection: OnHighlight Words: OnTap and highlight what you would like read out loud Tap SpeakClick here for step by step directions Prizmo App
This app allows you to take a picture of a document, and it has text-to-speech, highlighting, notes, and more. This app translates and reads out loud, too! You may also send content to another app to read and annotate on it, i.e., use iAnnotate to read, highlight, type, and write. Also get quick access to the dictionary, Wikipedia, Google, etc.  Click here to learn more about Prizmo

Read2Go App
Pull books from and read them out loud. The student will need a Bookshare account (and an IEP or 504 plan). If you have a student that you would like to have access to digital text, please send me their first and last name to set up an account. Click here to learn more …

New Option to Post Grades for Multiple Sections at Once

Infinite Campus recently updated Campus Instruction to allow for posting grades for multiple sections at once! This enhancement is coming just in time to save a few extra steps and clicks as teachers prepare to submit final grades for the 2015-16 school year.

Have you ever visited Campus Community? The article below is a good example of the "how-to" information available to everyone.

Post Grades for Multiple Sections in the Post Grades Tool
Path: Campus Instruction > Post Grades > Multi-Post Grades The Multi-Post Grades tool can be used to post and update posted grades for multiple courses at one time.

Select Multi-Post Grades.
If desired, use the Post to Filter dropdown lists to limit the posting options to a specific term, section and/or task.If only a specific section(s) and standard/grading task should be selected for posting, uncheck the Select All checkbox at the top of the Section column. This will be selected by default. Sections to be included in the posting o…

Blended Learning to Launch in 2016-17

At last night’s School Board Meeting (May 3, 2016), members of the  Barrington 220 Department of Technology & Innovation presented a Blended Learning Update. Administrators LeeAnn Taylor (Director of Media Services), Joe Robinson (Director of Instructional Technology), and Matt Fuller (Assistant Superintendent for Technology & Innovation) were joined by two Barrington High School teachers, Tom Bredemeier and Wendy Sanchez. Mr. Bredemeier, a BHS Computer Science teacher, and Ms. Sanchez, a BHS Physical Education teacher, both spoke eloquently about their efforts creating some of Barrington 220’s first-ever blended learning courses to be offered during the 2016–17 school year.

Blended learning is an education program where students are taught partly online and partly face-to-face, while students have some control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of their learning. Blended learning is an instructional initiative, not a technology initiative. Blended learning strategies, su…

More Bits and Larger Pipes!

As a result of the Barrington 220 PK-5 LaunchPad iPad pre-launch program, our district Information Services team learned some valuable information for the near-future. Elementary LaunchPad teachers used iPads for instruction using the "one-device-to-one-student" (1:1) model already in place in Grades 6-12. As the program draws to a conclusion, Information Services is already ramping up our summer projects which include network revisions to accommodate a full-blown iPad deployment for every Barrington 220 student in Grades PK-5.

More Bits
As multiple iPads within the classrooms connect and collaborate via the Internet this next school year, additional network devices—wireless access points—are required in each elementary school.  These additions will help with the flow of all those new bits and bytes across the Barrington 220 information network. We have calculated that 138 additional access points will need to be deployed in our schools. During Summer 2015, our Information S…