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Change Your Network Password

With students and staff primarily using MacBook Air laptops and iPads, it’s easy to forget how to change your Network password. We have direct links to change your Network password in two locations on our District website (in the black sidebar on the left).

For security purposes, you can only change your network password while you are in Barrington 220 on our network.

Staff District Website Home > Staff > Infinite Campus [must be logged in]
Students District Website Home > Students > Infinite Campus [no login required]
Direct The direct link to change your Network password is:

Apps for Everyone!

Barrington 220 students in Grades 6–8 and their teachers now have iPads, thanks to our One to World initiative. Additionally, at least one grade level of teachers and students in each elementary school also have iPad access. Barrington High School students and teachers have MacBook Air laptops. The addition of these powerful teaching and learning tools opens opportunities for teachers to personalize learning and for students to demonstrate learning in ways not possible without technology.

For teachers and students to best harness the power of these devices, they need unfettered access to obtaining the best software and apps available. Our devices can be used both for consumption of content and as transformational tools, due to their ability to create content.

Together, the Teaching & Learning and Technology & Innovation departments want to provide teachers and students with easy access to the best tools available. Therefore, we've worked together to develop a Barrington 22…

Revision History History in Google Drive

As an avid user of Google Drive and a user who is concerned about the design and consistency of documents, I often use the time-saving feature of beginning with a previous Google Doc (i.e., formatted memo, meeting agenda), selecting File > Make a Copy, and then creating my new document using my previous document as a template.

It is worth noting that while this is a great time-saving feature, you may also be creating a potential confidentiality issue. The first edit you make on your copy (deleting your old content) becomes a part of your revision history for the new document, and any user with whom you share your document may go into Edit > See revision history and see the contents of the old document. Hopefully, the revision history content you deleted does not contain confidential or other sensitive information; however, this is not always the case.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a “bug” in Google Drive, this is the way revision history works.

There is a workaround to prevent potenti…

Instructional Technology Links for October

Periodically, I share links for teachers to strengthen Digital Age instruction. These Instructional Technology Links, ITL, appear below with short explanations.

General Education
A Collection of Growth Mindset Videos
Curated by the great Larry Ferlazzo, this collection of Mindset videos are based on Carol Dweck's work. They're all great!

All of My All-Time Best Lists in One Place
Since I already mentioned Larry Ferlazzo, here is the link to his website page with all of his lists of the best Web 2.0 tools, apps, etc. for education. Be prepared to lose an hour or two once you fall into this rabbit hole.

Great Graduation Video
If you need a motivational video to get you back into the spirit of back-to-school...

School vs Learning
Eye-opening infographic from George Couros that will help you reframe your daily objectives.

Education Transformation
Great article from iNACOL on moving from traditional educational practices to technology-integrated, personalized learning, and blended learning mo…

Project Horsepower 3.0

Two years ago, Barrington 220, with the support of the Barrington Area Development Council, entered into a partnership with Comcast to bring wireless Internet service into the homes of eligible Barrington 220 families. After two earlier iterations of the application process, we have launched Project Horsepower 3.0. 
The program continues to serve families eligible for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and who do not currently have full-priced Comcast Internet service at home (current Comcast Internet Essentials customers are welcome to apply). Families who have Internet service through another provider (such as AT&T) are also welcome to apply, regardless of the level of service they currently have. Families that are unsure of the level of Internet service status at home can still apply and Comcast will help to evaluate the applications and will advise applicants of findings.

Applications returned to Joann Fullman at BHS will be processed according to the following timetabl…

Verify Your Staff Data in Infinite Campus

Trees are  bursting with bright colors and leaves are falling to the ground reminding us that inclement weather may be coming in the not-so-distant future. Infinite Campus (IC) is the district’s Student Information System, but it’s that time year when it’s equally important for staff data to be complete and accurate in Infinite Campus. Phone calls regarding school closings are initiated through Infinite Campus. All staff should have a phone number on file, and the check mark should be checked under Emergency and Priority (illustrated in attached document).

Please reveiew your IC personal information before October 20, 2015.

Every Barrington 220 employee should have an Infinite Campus login.Infinite Campus can be accessed from the Staff page of the district website.User Name for Infinite Campus is the same as a user’s network login.User Password is the same as the user’s network password.Log into IC (navigate to Campus Tools, if necessary).Expand the menu selection Census.Click on My Da…