Friday, October 9, 2015

Apps for Everyone!

Barrington 220 students in Grades 6–8 and their teachers now have iPads, thanks to our One to World initiative. Additionally, at least one grade level of teachers and students in each elementary school also have iPad access. Barrington High School students and teachers have MacBook Air laptops. The addition of these powerful teaching and learning tools opens opportunities for teachers to personalize learning and for students to demonstrate learning in ways not possible without technology.

For teachers and students to best harness the power of these devices, they need unfettered access to obtaining the best software and apps available. Our devices can be used both for consumption of content and as transformational tools, due to their ability to create content.

Together, the Teaching & Learning and Technology & Innovation departments want to provide teachers and students with easy access to the best tools available. Therefore, we've worked together to develop a Barrington 220 Software/App Requisition Process. We hope this process will help teachers consider the "cost" of apps, provide teachers and students with quick access to instructional resources, and boost the abilities of the iPad and MacBook Air to transform teaching and learning.

Regarding the "cost" of apps, please remember that downloading software to a device may cost dollars (in the case of paid apps), but all apps cost space on the devices—especially on iPads with more limited storage than MacBook Air laptops. We want students to be able to download and create documents, videos, photos, animations, and other projects on their devices without constantly being concerned about available space. Therefore, we must strike a careful balance of providing the best apps available to maximize the potential of our devices.

Here is the Barrington 220 Software/App Requisition Process.

Barrington 220 Software/App Requisition Process
  1. TSA processes the request for software and apps
    1. TSA completes the Software/App Requisition Google Form with Teacher
    2. TSA emails Director of Instructional Technology for notification
  1. All software and apps need approval from:
    1. Directors of Curriculum and Instruction
      1. As a resource and teaching tool
    2. Director of Instructional Technology
      1. As a resource and teaching tool
      2. To compare to other options
      3. To compare to existing software and apps
    3. Technology Department
      1. For size and cost
  1. Director of Instructional Technology reviews request and shares annotated recommendation (Google Doc) via email
    1. Director of Curriculum and Instruction responds
    2. Technology Team responds
    3. Decision is made
  1. Finalized Decision communicated to Teacher and TSA making request
    1. with reasoning or alternative software/apps if denied
    2. with communication to all TPACK members if accepted (with annotated recommendation for use)
    3. by Director of Instructional Technology
  1. Software or App Recorded and Communicated
    1. Technology Department
    2. Director of Instructional Technology (shared Google Doc with Department of Curriculum and Instruction)
    3. Communicated to Staff and Students on LaunchPad webpage

Barrington 220 Software/Apps Requisition Documents

If you have any questions about the process, or wish to check on the status of a request, please do not hesitate to contact me at or text/talk at 224.230.8520.

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