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Blended Learning Featured in Barrington 220

On Wednesday, April 6, 2016, a Parent University was offered at Barrington High School on the topic of Blended Learning in Barrington 220. The full Parent University video is available here. This article offers a synopsis of some of the key points of the presentation and panel discussion.

The Parent University was moderated by Morgan Delack, Barrington 220 Director of Communications. The event began with a presentation from LeeAnn Taylor, the Barrington 220 administrator leading the Blended Learning program. Ms Taylor has been working with BHS teachers to try several blended strategies in their current classes during this school year.

Panel members included Tom Bredemeier, Mike Kedzie, and Justin Stroh, BHS teachers involved in this year’s Blended Learning Study Group. Administrators on the panel included Ty Gorman (BHS Associate Principal), Joe Robinson (Director of Instructional Technology), and Matt Fuller (Assistant Superintendent for Technology & Innovation).

Barrington 220 w…

Students in Grades 6–11 to Keep Devices for Summer

As the One to World technology integration program expands, students in Grades 6–11 will have the opportunity to keep the district-issued iPad or MacBook Air laptop assigned to them over the summer. This will allow students to continue to have access to Barrington 220 apps, digital books, online subscriptions, and Google accounts throughout the summer. Also, students and teachers will be able to immediately begin next school year with device access.
If, for any reason, a student or parent does not want to keep a district-issued device throughout the summer, families can make arrangements to securely store the device in the district.
If students are enrolled in summer school, they will likely need to use the assigned iPad or laptop. After summer school, the student may keep the device for the remainder of the summer or return it, and the district will securely store it until next school year.
Current students in Grade 8 who are entering Grade 9 next year will swap the district-issued …

iPad Launch Blasts Off for Elementary Teachers

Beginning in mid-April, elementary teachers will receive an iPad in preparation for the One to World implementation for Pre-Kindergarten–Grade 5 students. The launch will include distribution of iPads, differentiated professional development on basics iPad use, and sample iPad-integrated lessons shared by our LaunchPad teachers.

Next school year, elementary teachers will continue their professional learning toward seamlessly weaving the iPad into their instructional practices. Eventually, iPads will blend into the learning environment, somewhat like the subjects of these photos:

It seems hard to believe that the iPad has only been around since 2010. The iPad and similar devices have been used by many of our students for the majority of their lives. Most students come into our schools with some comfort level using devices with a touch screen:

Okay—not quite—but it may feel this way sometimes.

But, fear not, because for the first time ever, teachers do not need to be the most skilled pe…

IC Grade Book Tips to Save Teachers Time

2015–16 School Year
Recently a teacher shared a new feature of the IC gradebook with me. It is exciting to see teachers finding better ways to work in IC! In this article I will share a few recent enhancements along with a couple of new time-saving options for the coming school year.
The functionality of the IC grade Roster has increased during this school year.Two major improvements are the option to access Campus Tools from the roster and to print all health conditions for a student with a photo.
Easier Access to Campus Tools
Campus Instruction includes a wealth of information pertaining to your students—but there are times you want to view RtI data, attendance data, or maybe overall grades—and you find yourself switching to Campus Tools and searching for the student. With a recent enhancement, it is now easy to switch to Campus Tools and view the desired information for the student selected from your roster:

Go to Roster and click a student’s name.Click To Student InformationWhen fini…