Saturday, April 9, 2016

IC Grade Book Tips to Save Teachers Time

2015–16 School Year

Recently a teacher shared a new feature of the IC gradebook with me. It is exciting to see teachers finding better ways to work in IC! In this article I will share a few recent enhancements along with a couple of new time-saving options for the coming school year.

The functionality of the IC grade Roster has increased during this school year. Two major improvements are the option to access Campus Tools from the roster and to print all health conditions for a student with a photo.

Easier Access to Campus Tools

Campus Instruction includes a wealth of information pertaining to your students—but there are times you want to view RtI data, attendance data, or maybe overall grades—and you find yourself switching to Campus Tools and searching for the student. With a recent enhancement, it is now easy to switch to Campus Tools and view the desired information for the student selected from your roster:

  • Go to Roster and click a student’s name.
  • Click To Student Information
  • When finished in Campus Tools, click the back button to return to the roster.
Student Demographic Info

Need a printed copy of a student’s demographic and contact information? Click the Print option, and choose to print with or without the student photo.

Student Health Conditions

Along the same lines, while viewing the Roster, click on the health caduceus icon displayed in the health column for students with documented health conditions. View all health conditions, and/or print a copy with or without student photo.

2016–17 School Year

Plans are in place to automate the setup of the teacher IC grade books for the 2016–17 school year. Grading categories and the grade calc option will be pushed to all grade books over the summer. Teachers may tweak the settings, while enjoying the automation designed to eliminate routine setup tasks.

Managing the Special Education Team Member Tab

Gaining access to IEP information a student new to your class may occasionally seem difficult due to the manual add process. After looking at the time involved for teachers to maintain the team tab, the IC tech team has developed a method for adding all classroom teachers to the student’s Team Tab.  Classroom teachers will automatically be end-dated when the student is no longer in their classroom.  This new feature will go live for summer school.

Check back soon as there are more time saving features planned for 2016–17!

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