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“In the Air” - Barrington 220 Wireless

It doesn’t seem all that long ago (OK, it was truly a decade back) when some of the first wireless laptops were deployed in Barrington 220. Wireless connectivity to the Barrington 220 network was provided to these laptops via wireless access points that were mounted directly to laptop carts. Back then we had a whopping 7.7 Mbps (Megabits per second) connection to the Internet that seemed to meet the needs of all Barrington 220 users. 
Much has changed since then, and the changes in our wireless systems are coming at an exponential rate. With the deployment of our One to World program this school year, we have added over 100 additional wireless access points to our district network this past summer. We now manage a total of 388 access points district-wide, with 162 of these “APs” located at Barrington High School. That 7.7 Mbps access to the Internet ten years ago has now increased to 1,000 Mbps, doubling the bandwidth we had available last year.
I took a brief look at our wireless sy…

Meet Matt Fuller, Barrington 220 CTO

When I arrived in Barrington 220 on July 1, 2014, my feeling was that I had walked into a theater in the middle of a very exciting movie. The story had already begun, many major characters were entrenched in a complicated plot, and the majority of the cast would not arrive for quite a while. Luckily, several people had explained the scenario in advance and I wasn’t completely unprepared for the action that would follow.

On July 1, I began in Barrington 220 as the district’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This position is a newly restructured role that incorporates the technical support staff with instructional technology and library staff. I work directly with June Nilles, our Database Coordinator, who heads our Infinite Campus Student Information System; Joe Robinson, our Instructional Technology Coordinator, who works with our district’s Technology Support Specialists; LeeAnn Taylor, our Director of Media Services, who works with our Librarians; and Russ Vander Mey, our district’s …

School of the Future

Over the course of the past several months, multiple groups within Barrington 220 have been getting ready to put devices in the hands of our students in Grades 6–12. I am proud to work with such a dedicated team, as this was not an easy task. The coordination, preparation, and most importantly curriculum integration work needed to embark on our One to World journey, gives us the opportunity to re-invent "how we do school."

As we continue our work in this Digital Age, we look forward to partnering with our parents and community to foster all-important digital citizenship skills and guide students to use technological tools they grow and personalize for their learning experiences.

Our libraries offer a variety of ebooks and audio books, online databases, and resources for use on district-issued or personal devices. Visit your school's library website for more information. Keep an eye out for upcoming Parent University opportunities to learn more about these tools.

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Update Your Infinite Campus Staff Information

Congratulations to our teaching staff on a great transition to Campus Instruction in Infinite Campus!

Most staff members have configured Infinite Campus settings to allow direct access to Campus Instruction. However, there is one important task all staff members need to complete in Campus Tools. Since Infinite Campus is the source for accurate staff contact information, please log in to Infinite Campus and complete the following steps as soon as possible:

1. Access Campus Tools

2. Choose Census from the left menu (open the Census menu option)

3. Choose "My Data"

4. Choose "Request Demographic Update"

5. Enter a description "Staff Update"

6. Choose "I am adding or correction my information"

7. Scroll to the bottom are of the Demographic page and review email address and phone number.  Enter any data edits desired. Users may login out of Campus Tools if no data edits are required.  Thank you for checking!

8. If edits are required, enter the correc…

Technology Kickoff

An amazing technology deployment process allowed every Grade 6–12 student to receive a district-issued iPad or MacBook Air before the start of September!

Barrington 220 schools began with teachers working with students on procedures, introductory lessons, and reviews of previous materials. At the beginning of the 2014–2015 school year, those activities included the use of technology almost from day one as students at the middle school and high school received their devices during the first week and a half of school.

The photos below lend a glimpse into many of the year's technology preparation activities.

Welcome to bsd220tech!

Welcome to Issue 1 of bsd220tech, an online newsletter that brings instructional technology news and information to Barrington 220 staff.

This publication will arrive every other week and feature content written by Barrington 220 technology leaders, including:
Matt Fuller, Chief Technology OfficerJune Nilles, Database CoordinatorJoe Robinson, Instructional Technology CoordinatorLeeAnn Taylor, Director of Media ServicesRuss Vander Mey, Systems Administrator Each issue will follow a similar format. An email will arrive with headlines and short descriptions of each story in the issue. Each short description is followed by Click the link to read more..., followed by a link. This format allows recipients to get an idea of the content of each story and allows interested readers to follow the link to read the entire story. The complete stories are published on a blog,, so readers can easily access previous content.

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