Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Update Your Infinite Campus Staff Information

Congratulations to our teaching staff on a great transition to Campus Instruction in Infinite Campus!

Most staff members have configured Infinite Campus settings to allow direct access to Campus Instruction. However, there is one important task all staff members need to complete in Campus Tools. Since Infinite Campus is the source for accurate staff contact information, please log in to Infinite Campus and complete the following steps as soon as possible:

1. Access Campus Tools

2. Choose Census from the left menu (open the Census menu option)
3. Choose "My Data"

4. Choose "Request Demographic Update"

5. Enter a description "Staff Update"

6. Choose "I am adding or correction my information"

7. Scroll to the bottom are of the Demographic page and review email address and phone number.  Enter any data edits desired. Users may login out of Campus Tools if no data edits are required.  Thank you for checking!

8. If edits are required, enter the corrected/updated information and  click Save Request.

Please note:
The requested edits do not become final until approved and processed by the HR Department.  The information shown on the screen will not change immediately. Staff will receive a notification in the IC Inbox once the request has been processed.


1. The Primary email address is used by Infinite Campus Messenger.  Be sure it is a email address.

2. You may enter a personal secondary email address if desired.

3. Delayed school openings, school closings, and other emergency information is delivered by email, phone, and text to the options chosen by staff members. Be sure to check that the Emergency column contains at least one phone number indicating voice and/or text.

4. Other important messages are delivered using email addresses and phone numbers checked in the Priority column. Staff members should have one phone number checked in the Priority column.  Options include voice and/or text.

5. General messages are sent from time to time.

In the event an emergency message is sent, the auto dialer will call all numbers checked. If three phone numbers are checked, three phone numbers will be dialed, unless the person receiving the call stays on the line to confirm the call.  (0#) Confirming a call will cancel all additional calls.

A test of the emergency calling system is scheduled to take place at the end of September.

Staff members with questions or in need of assistance should contact the Help Line at 847-842-3580.

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