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Ziemke Visit Amplifies Barrington 220 Technology Integration Direction

Kristin Ziemke, co-author (with Barrington 220 iDAL, Katie Muhtaris) of Amplify and Connecting Comprehension and Technology, two inspiring and brilliant books about educational technology integration, visited Barrington 220 this week. Kristin's motivating and validating ideas energized our elementary grade level and special teachers, our elementary principals, and our parent community.

If you're interested in how technology can amplify the success of curricular resources and instructional practices, Kristin is a must-follow on Twitter at @kristinziemke.

Several Barrington 220 Instructional Digital Age Learning Coaches (iDALs) took to Twitter to share messages and spur conversations with their Personal Learning Networks (PLNs):

By "amplify," Kelly refers to Kristin's and Katie's shared belief that using technology magnifies and strengthens the quality of resources available to students, opportunities to demonstrate learning, chances to collaborate, and to pers…

Barrington 220 Tech Support Offerings - Reloaded

How about a two-minute refresher on how to contact our tech support staff at Barrington 220?

As the number of computing devices used throughout Barrington 220 exceeded the 10,000 mark, we realized that we would need to revise the way we provide technology support to district staff members. Beginning this past year, we centralized most of our "tech team," providing technology experts a central office to call home. From this office at Barrington High School, the team provides technical support and expertise via telephone, our ticketing system, and our new Bomgar remote support system. This is all in addition to the on-site technical support that is provided to each school building throughout the week.

Here are three ways to get tech support for your Barrington 220 computer, iPad, iPhone, printer, or other network related issues during school hours:
I need help now! SOS!: Please contact the tech team by picking up a district phone and dialing extension 1500.  From outside the dist…

Blended in Barrington

Barrington 220 is exploring blended learning to enable our district to continue to allow students to demonstrate strong character, independence and resiliency, think critically and creatively, solve problems, and collaborate effectively throughout a global society.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is defined as a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part 
through online learning, with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace, at least in part at a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home (school). The modalities along each student’s learning path within a course or subject are connected to provide an integrated learning experience.
How will Blending Learning opportunities be implemented across the district?

A team of district leaders began blended learning discussions last spring. In late fall, a team of 20 BHS teachers met to professionally develop and discuss the implementation of blended courses at BHS next fa…

Mac Tips and Tricks for Teachers

There are many articles online that provide Mac tips and tricks and most often, each resource attempts to target a specific audience. This article is my contribution to that genre: OS X tips for teachers.

I am one of those users who stores many of my documents on the Mac Desktop. There is nothing wrong with this practice—as long as you stay organized. I like to keep my current project documents on the Desktop so they are easily accessible, and later I file the completed documents in folders so they are organized, but out of sight.

Preview Documents with 1 Click

With files all over the Desktop, it can sometimes be challenging to locate a file by name alone. On a Mac you can easily see a preview of the contents of a document without opening an application: click one time on any document and press the space bar. A preview of the document appears immediately. Press the space bar again and the preview disappears.

Create a Screen Capture of the Entire Screen

To capture an image of the entire…