Friday, January 15, 2016

Ziemke Visit Amplifies Barrington 220 Technology Integration Direction

Kristin Ziemke, co-author (with Barrington 220 iDAL, Katie Muhtaris) of Amplify and Connecting Comprehension and Technology, two inspiring and brilliant books about educational technology integration, visited Barrington 220 this week. Kristin's motivating and validating ideas energized our elementary grade level and special teachers, our elementary principals, and our parent community.

If you're interested in how technology can amplify the success of curricular resources and instructional practices, Kristin is a must-follow on Twitter at @kristinziemke.

Several Barrington 220 Instructional Digital Age Learning Coaches (iDALs) took to Twitter to share messages and spur conversations with their Personal Learning Networks (PLNs):

By "amplify," Kelly refers to Kristin's and Katie's shared belief that using technology magnifies and strengthens the quality of resources available to students, opportunities to demonstrate learning, chances to collaborate, and to personalize the learning experience.

Here are some additional nuggets shared on Twitter:

In short, Barrington 220's commitment to using technology to amplify the educational experience for our students includes more than just purchasing more devices. We have resources, professional development opportunities, and curricular and instructional goals planned that will empower our students to become stronger learners.

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