Friday, January 15, 2016

Barrington 220 Tech Support Offerings - Reloaded

How about a two-minute refresher on how to contact our tech support staff at Barrington 220?

As the number of computing devices used throughout Barrington 220 exceeded the 10,000 mark, we realized that we would need to revise the way we provide technology support to district staff members. Beginning this past year, we centralized most of our "tech team," providing technology experts a central office to call home. From this office at Barrington High School, the team provides technical support and expertise via telephone, our ticketing system, and our new Bomgar remote support system. This is all in addition to the on-site technical support that is provided to each school building throughout the week.

Here are three ways to get tech support for your Barrington 220 computer, iPad, iPhone, printer, or other network related issues during school hours:

  • I need help now! SOS!: Please contact the tech team by picking up a district phone and dialing extension 1500.  From outside the district call: 224-655-1500. Calling this extension during school hours is a sure-fire way to get a Barrington 220 computer tech on the phone to help you with your technology issue. Your call will be answered by a personable and friendly colleague of yours—a Barrington 220 employee who has a passion for working with technology.
  • I need some assistance in the near future (I'm just beginning a teaching period or attending a meeting): You can open up a tech support case by accessing our ticketing system at: You will need to enter your network name and password and then provide a brief description of your issue. This method of initiating a tech support case is perfect if you have a busy schedule in front of you and your issue is not "earth shaking." Our team will get back to you in short order, working around your schedule as best they can. This same link is also provided on our district and school websites. You can find the link by logging in to the website and hovering over the “Staff” menu and then choosing the "Tech Support" link.
  • I’m on my computer and I am ready to chat with a tech support representative now:  Our Technical Support Portal can be accessed at: From this website, you can initiate a tech support “chat” session by quickly filling out the “Issue Submission” details and clicking submit.

We also receive tech support requests through more unlikely venues.

  • I just received a district-wide, 1,250-recipient email message from an administrator, and I was reminded about a tech issue that I meant to get resolved last month:  Click “Reply” or “Reply All” to this administrator’s email message, noting your technology concern. Although the tech support issue will eventually get forwarded to the appropriate tech support person, we implore you to please use one of the more direct approaches listed above.

Our tech team has processed just shy of 6,000 tech cases in the past year. They learn, they grow, and they evolve with you—our fellow colleagues—in mind. Hopefully, the last time a tech team member provided you with tech support, you were pleased with the results. If this was not the case, would you please give us another shot? Mark Polzin heads up the team and can be reached for comment via email or telephone:

Mark Polzin
Technology Support Supervisor


Russ Vander Mey
Systems Administrator 


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