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PDH (formerly CPDU) Credit for Apple Teacher

On Friday, February 17, 2017, teachers of Barrington 220 students in Grades 6–12 participated in a variety of breakout sessions as part of a district professional development day. Over 70 teachers signed up to participate in a breakout session dedicated to Apple Teacher, an online program created by Apple to help teachers learn the basics of Apple devices and apps.

Among Apple Teacher participants, all signed up for the program, downloaded at least one digital book from the iBooks Store, and began the learning on at least one of the topics. The vast majority of participants were able to earn at least one badge, with many earning multiple badges.

Teachers in the program commented on the usefulness of the books, and also noticed that the quizzes that end each of the topics are not only well-written, but also offer ideas for using apps in class activities.

Perhaps best of all, Barrington 220 offers PDH (formerly known as CPDU) credit for completing the Apple Teacher program.

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Listed: Barrington 220 Teachers on Twitter

The 2016-17 school year has marked a dramatic increase in teachers in Barrington 220 using Twitter to connect with high-impact resources and inspirational colleagues across the world. Barrington High School teachers continue to share timely photos, videos, and tweets with their students through Twitter. Teachers from Station and Prairie use Twitter to highlight activities in their lessons for their parent community to see. Students in some of our elementary schools even handle sharing the work of the day and their personal goals through their teacher's Twitter account.

Over the past few years, teachers have shared their desire to know about the exciting lessons and ideas teachers across our district practice each day. Twitter has provided a perfect solution for Barrington 220 teachers to connect across our district.

Over the past couple of months, we have worked together to gather a comprehensive list of the teachers across Barrington 220 using Twitter so we can all connect.

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Tips from Our Techs

Our Barrington 220 Techs provide support for everyone in the district...from the most advanced pro user to those just getting comfortable with technology. We asked our Techs to contribute one tip each, based upon their vast support experiences. The results below are a practical and immediately useful collection of ideas that you can begin using right now.


If an app on your Mac stops responding and you can't quit the app, you can "Force Quit" the app. On the keyboard press Command + Option + esc at the same time to bring up a menu. Or you can pull down the Apple Menu and select Force Quit. Select the app that is misbehaving and click Force Quit.


Please remember to back up all your files! There are many options to do this: Google Drive, P Drive, Hard Drive, Flash Drive, etc. If you need assistance do not hesitate to call x. 1500 and ask for help.  This can save a lot of frustration!


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ICE 2017: Barrington Breaks Through!

In the past four years, Barrington 220 has been well represented at the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) conference.

This year marked a spike in the number of staff members who were chosen to present at this prestigious conference that draws participants from all over the Midwest. The conference offers opportunities for educators to network, learn about new software and hardware directly from vendors, and validate the tremendous impact that educational technology has on learners.

Barrington 220 staff members dotted the ICE registration booklet with at least eight different presentations this year, a record number in the four years I've been in the district. Please feel free to contact these teachers to learn more about their presentations, described below.

Robotics Playtime
Becky McDowell and Beth Nelson, our STEM coaches for Grades 4 and 5, led a three-hour workshop designed to provide teachers the opportunity to learn about the many different robotics that can be used to help s…

Barrington 220 Welcomes 2 New Techs

Please join the Barrington 220 Department of Technology & Innovation in welcoming two new Technology Support Associates to the team, Adam Fajnor and Kaitlyn Pankiewicz. When you call x. 1500 for technology support, you are likely to speak to either Adam or Kaitlyn. You can learn a bit more about our new Techs below.

Adam Fajnor
Technology Support Associate

The Steve Jobs keynote speech announcing the iPhone 4 was when I became really interested in tech. When I was in high school, I would jailbreak* devices and try to understand the ins and outs of the devices. I graduated from Western Illinois University in 2016 where I majored in Network Technologies and minored in Information Systems. I worked 2 summers at Barrington 220 and thought it was a great atmosphere in which to work. When I graduated from college, I saw there was an opportunity to work in the district as a tech and I couldn’t pass it up.

I love watching/playing basketball (go Bulls and Bucks) and football. I also love to …

Easy Access to Student Plans

A recent enhancement to Infinite Campus makes it easier for teachers to stay informed regarding an individual student's Health Plan, 504 Plan, or Individualized Education Plan. The following steps allow a classroom teacher to view plans for students rostered to one or more of their classes.

Step 1: Navigate to Campus Instruction

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the left index column and select Custom Links and Reports

Step 3: Select Student Plans

A listing of all classes will display in period order.  From this listing a teacher can access 504 Plans, Health Plans, and IEPs—all from one roster! Before a teacher views a plan for the first time, there will be a NEW PLAN designation in the appropriate column for students with a plan.

Step 4: Click on the most recent file associated with the desired planto create a PDF of the 504 Plan, Health Plan, or IEP.

The date the plan is read will now appear on the teacher roster and in the Infinite Campus database. When a new plan is created by the a…