Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Welcome to bsd220tech!

Welcome to Issue 1 of bsd220tech, an online newsletter that brings instructional technology news and information to Barrington 220 staff.

This publication will arrive every other week and feature content written by Barrington 220 technology leaders, including:
Each issue will follow a similar format. An email will arrive with headlines and short descriptions of each story in the issue. Each short description is followed by Click the link to read more..., followed by a link. This format allows recipients to get an idea of the content of each story and allows interested readers to follow the link to read the entire story. The complete stories are published on a blog,, so readers can easily access previous content.

The Blogger platform is a part of Google Apps for Education and is available to every student and staff member in Barrington 220. Blogger allows multiple contributors, custom layouts, and a simple user interface for including writing, images, and video in posts. We hope that you will consider the Blogger platform for your own class communications or future student projects.

The contributors of bsd220tech will provide timely information that is useful to staff and, when possible, respond to current issues related to instructional technology in the district. If you are a Twitter user, we will post using #bsd220tech.

Please feel free to email authors directly or use the Comments section below to leave a message!

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