Friday, March 13, 2015

Taking a Hammer to SAMR: Redefinition

An earlier article defined Dr. Ruben Puentedura's SAMR model as a tool teachers can use to describe the opportunities afforded to students by technology integration. In this sixth article of the "Taking a Hammer to SAMR" series, we learn about Redefinition, the fourth level of the SAMR scale—the use of technology tools that allow for processes that would not be conceivable without the use of technology—a learning activity that has been transformed. Both Modification and Redefinition refer to Transformational uses of technology.

The SAMR Activity Scale:

The SAMR Activity Scale outlines how technology integration affords students opportunities to learn and demonstrate their learning. In the SAMR continuum, Redefinition refers to the use of technology tools that allow for a redesign of the original task. At the Redefinition level, technology use transforms the task of a given lesson. The Pedagogy and Content Knowledge of TPACK remain the same, regardless of the technology use, in any lesson; it's the Technology use that changes. The Redefinition level of SAMR incorporates student choice, student ownership, increased accessibility, use of resources from the web, and increased choice in use of technology by the student (rather than the teacher).  Additionally, Redefinition calls for students to connect, receive feedback from, make changes, ask and answer deeper questions, and interact with authentic audiences.

Example First Grade Lesson: Types of Clouds (Weather Unit)

Students use the iPad to navigate to a website to read an article with photos of a types of clouds online and then use photos from the camera app, photos from other websites online, and the Explain Everything app to create and narrate a slide that explains and displays the definition of a type of cloud. Groups of students take turns posting daily cloud updates on a class blog and reacting to comments from blog visitors.

This is Redefinition because the teacher adds an authentic audience, a previously inconceivable aspect of students reporting their knowledge about the types of clouds.

Redefinition, the fourth and highest level of the SAMR scale, refers to the use of technology tools that allow for processes that would have otherwise been inconceivable without the use of technology.

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