Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just Google It...or Not

In a recent meeting with district librarians, conversations centered around the topic of the many subscription services we have available to our school community. We all have an understanding that "just Google it" is a part of student's vernacular from early on and know its transformative power. Students have access to information anywhere, anytime. As a team of professionals trained in helping students and teachers become information literate and research ready, we also realize this level of access must be accompanied by sound educational practices that help students make good decisions about the sources they are citing and utilizing.

The video below, prepared by a Yavapai College in Prescott Arizona student, explains the benefits of using library databases for research over searching the web.

Librarians are here to partner, assist, and help teachers place the best source of information at the student's fingertips. At Barrington High School, the databases we use are listed here. All resources are available to students on and off campus. Our middle schools and elementary schools provide similar services, on a scale and at a level that meets the needs of our learners. As curriculum teams look for ways to support students, your building librarians can be an important element to unlocking many new resources. If you have specific needs or suggestions for databases or tools, we are happy to gather your input as well by contacting the librarian in your building or reaching out to me:

LeeAnn Taylor
Director of Media Services

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