Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Infinite Campus: Campus Community

Your best source for IC training and support is at Campus Community. Log into Infinite Campus and use the link in the top-right to find Campus Community. The videos listed below are available in Campus Community along with a wealth of additional documentation.

Your Campus Community account requires an initial log in connecting you to the Barrington 220 School site.  Once activated accessing Campus Community is a single click when logged into IC.

Visit Campus Community
Log in to Campus Community
Navigate to and from Campus Application
Log off Campus Instruction

Send a Message 
View messages in the Message Center
Create a template for a general message to students and/or guardians
Send a general message to a user-selected group of students and/or guardians

HEAD-Grade Book Setup
Set up Grade Book
Configure Grade Book display settings

Explore the Planner
View schedule details in the Planner
View curriculum details in the Planner
Print schedule details
Print curriculum details in the Planner
Manage the to do List
View student attendance via teacher's schedule
View student attendance via teacher's curriculum planner
Print student attendance for a specific section via teacher's schedule
Print student attendance for a specific section via teacher's curriculum planner
Add an assignment via the Planner
Manage assignments via the Planner

Manage Assignments
Manage all assignments for a section
Manage assignment categories
Add a new assignment
Copy assignments between sections
View categories and assignments in a list
Manage assignments and categories via Assignment Overview
Enter student grades for a grading task and/or standard
Enter grades for a selected student for a grading task and/or standard
Generate list of assignments and standards to which each is aligned
Display all standards aligned to the course section
Manage scored assignment details and alignment in the Grade Book
Enter scores, flags, and comments in the Grade Book
View students' score statistics
View students' score trends

Student Groups and Seating Charts
Set up seating charts
Print seating chart
Group students who should receive the same assignment

Student Attendance
Complete attendance for a specific period
Generate report of student attendance changes for specific course sections
Generate student attendance data for a specific term
Generate summary of student attendance data

Post Grades
Post grades and standard scores

Grade Book Reports
Generate report of missing assignments for selected students
Generate report of Grade Book data for a section
Generate report of student scores for distribution
Generate report of student responses for a selected assessment
View section specific student information
Generate section specific student roster information
Generate mailing or student/teacher labels for a section

Generate the section roster as blank spreadsheet for use outside the application
Export Grade Book data for use outside application
Generate blank spreadsheet with student names

Next Year Course Recommendations
Create Recommendations for Future Enrollments

Student and Parent Portal
Monitor parents' and students' portal usage

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