Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lists of Barrington 220 iPad Apps and Subscriptions

In an effort to consolidate and communicate the apps and subscriptions our staff and students can access, we created lists for each. These lists can be accessed easily using these websites:

Barrington 220 Approved Apps:

Barrington 220 Subscriptions:

Each website is designed so staff and students can easily:
  • Find explanations of each app or subscription.
  • Sort by tool function or content area.
  • Sort by grade level access.
This video by Shawndra Shelton (@SSheltonBSD220) demonstrates how to access, sort, and navigate the list of Barrington 220 Approved Apps. 

The list of Barrington 220 Subscriptions can be accessed, sorted, and navigated in the same way.

We continue to update the resources available on both these sites.

If you find any errors or any resources we can access that did not make the list, please contact me:

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