Wednesday, October 1, 2014

iPad ON in Grade 6 (VIDEO)

iPad ON sign at BMS Prairie
This week I had the opportunity to visit BMS Prairie Campus and watch iPads being used in classrooms. Before entering the room, it was clear to me (and the students) that iPads would be needed in that class today from the “iPad ON” sign posted outside the door.

Students began a math class by responding to a teacher-created survey in Google Forms and later accessed a YouTube video as part of a flipped-classroom lesson. Students in another class had recently completed a project using the Educreations app that allowed them to create an annotated video to explain their thinking as they completed math operations.

Later I met Nicholas C. and one of his teachers, Ms. Heather Bressett. Nicholas had recently discovered the iMovie app while at home, created a movie trailer using the app’s built-in, template-based movie trailer builder, and brought it to school to show his teacher. Sensing her student’s obvious engagement, Ms. Bressett connected this out-of-school student creation to an upcoming book trailer class project and decided to use iMovie in school. Check out this short video featuring both Nicholas and Heather Bressett of BMS Prairie:


  1. Love how Nicholas used his creativity and Ms Bressett was able to follow up is such a meaningful manner. IPads ON!

  2. I love this. Thanks for sharing, Matt. Great work.


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