Friday, January 16, 2015

Getting Our Families Connected

For the past 18 months, our district has developed a unique partnership with Comcast to provide internet services to families that qualify for the national school lunch program.  In addition, Netgear generously provided routers to enable participating families to connect wirelessly to their service. With any new program, there have been some growing pains.  We are currently working with Comcast and one of the BHS student incubator businesses, Funtastech, to improve the enrollment process and provide more support for families included in the program.
Funtastech, a teen tech tutoring company is providing two different services.  First, the student-run business is in the process of creating a start-up tutorial video (in both Spanish and English) for families to utilize when connecting their internet start-up kit and wireless router at home.  Second, by subcontracting Spanish translators, Sunny Hill families will have access to personalized tech tutoring in the coming months.  Thank you to all involved to help get this running: Nora Carranza, Shirly Soto, Hector Ontiveros, Joann Fullman and Dr. Cynthia Armendariz-Maxwell.  

In the coming weeks, look for more information regarding improvements to the Project Horsepower program. In the meantime, families or individuals can visit this website or contact Joann Fullman,, (847)842-3246 or Nora Carranza en espaƱol,, (847)842-3458.

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