Wednesday, December 9, 2015

IC Teacher Gradebook in Chrome and FDF Forms

Everyone knows browsers can be our best or worst friend, depending on the day, or more importantly, the most recent browser update. Infinite Campus published the following caution for all teachers using Chrome as their browser:
An issue has cropped up in Campus Instruction where modal dropdowns, which are popup dropdowns that appear after a first selection is made, do not allow the user to click and select an option with a mouse. Modal dropdowns can be found when switching schools and calendars, or in Post Grades and selecting Grading by Task, and then a Task selection dropdown pops up. This issue is specific to Chrome 47 and is only affecting Campus Instruction. Chrome has been working on their fix, and it looks like it is in the final stages of testing and check in.
The IC tech team will be monitoring this closely and will take any required IC updates as soon as they become available. This recent communication appears we can anticipate an update for Chrome 47.

Speaking of browsers, it is critical for staff members working with FDF forms to remember the browser settings control documents opening and saving. It is mandatory that Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (formerly Adobe Reader) is used to open and save FDF forms. This may necessitate a change in the way some users are acoustomed to editing and saving files. Please allow the FDF form to download to your computer, open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader, and save the edited file with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a free download for Mac or Windows.

Browser flexibility is important and can often solve an immediate problem regarding FDF forms. Still struggling with FDF forms?  Contact Andrew Andrew Solomon for assistance.


Thanks to Lindsey Phelps, BMP Prairie SLP, who shared a PDF that specifically allows Safari users to change their settings on a Mac to allow saving fillable forms. Download/View the form (PDF).

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