Thursday, February 4, 2016

Have Your Device Type What You Speak

Speech Recognition Options for You and Your Students Using our Everyday Technology

Here's how to access Speech Recognition with the technology devices you already have in Barrington 220.

MacBook Air Laptop (or Other Mac)

Launch System Preferences (in the Dock or under the Apple menu) and select Dictation and Speech.

Turn on & check Use Enhanced Dictation.

Once activated, open your writing application document, e-mail, etc.  
Press the fn key twice (lower-left corner of the keyboard) to bring up the Mic to begin dictation (this key can be changed in System Preferences). 

Google Docs Voice Typing

Pull down the Tools menu and select Voice Typing
Add it as an add-on: Click here to learn how to add the SR add on in Google Docs

Tap the mic to begin.

Google Add-On

Google Docs Speech Recognition

iPad (or iPhone) Speech Recognition

Use the microphone built into the keyboard to speak sentences, punctuation, and simple commands.

Make sue Siri is turned on in Settings to access this feature.

Please Note

It is important if a student is going to use these features as an accommodation on their 504 or IEP, that you:
  1. Teach the student to use the tool.
  2. Collect data to assess if this is an appropriate accommodation.


For more information on how to teach this to students, download my e-book here!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, training needed, or individual consultation.

Kelly Key, Assistive Technology Coordinator

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