Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Barrington 220 Breaks the ICE

Last week, over 100 @barrington220 staff members attended the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference. The conference connects teachers from all grade levels and subject areas who are interested in becoming better at integrating technology into their instruction. ICE offers many opportunities to see how other teachers, students, and administrators seamlessly infuse technology to amplify the success of their lessons. Since the rise of Twitter as a professional development tool in education, ICE has also served as a meeting ground for face-to-face interactions to solidify the many online relationships developed on Twitter.

Several @barrington220 staff members also presented at ICE, including our elementary Instructional Digital Age Learning (iDAL) coaches, classroom teachers, and a couple of administrators. Dr. Matt Fuller (Assistant Superintendent for Technology & Innovation) sang with Big Data (The Band), a huge hit at ICE. Big Data (The Band) is comprised entirely of school technology leaders in the roles of administrator, teacher, or tech support professional.

Even if you didn't attend ICE, and you're interested in learning about some of the awesome ideas shared, you can still access those goodies on the ICE Presenter Resources webpage, or by searching #ICE16 on Twitter.

If you are interested in attending ICE next year, please look for the Google Form application in November/December 2016 and be sure to meet the deadline for applying.

Here are some of the tweets and photos shared from #ICE16:

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