Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Barrington 220 Releases One to World Multi-Touch Book

Barrington 220 is proud to announce the availability of a multi-touch book in the iBooks Store that describes our district’s One to World program in detail. The book offers a concise history of Barrington 220’s One to World initiative that describes our journey through five lenses: visionary leadership, innovative learning and teaching, ongoing professional learning, compelling evidence of success, and flexible learning environment.

Visionary Leadership
Barrington 220’s One to World initiative was inspired by the community and is supported by leaders at all levels—​from the Superintendent, to district directors, building principals, and classroom teachers.

Innovative Learning and Teaching
Personalized Growth is more than just Barrington 220’s thematic goal for 2015–17, the concept permeates the culture of the district in the classroom, in our instructional design, and in our innovative programs across all grade levels.

Ongoing Professional Learning
Professional learning in Barrington 220 is personalized and ongoing. Teachers and administrators use technology to amplify student learning as they continuously improve instructional practice through reflection, collaboration, and innovation.

Compelling Evidence of Success
Barrington 220 measures what matters. The success of the One to World initiative is aligned with the district’s Cohesive Plan and tied directly to our vision for learning in the digital age.

Flexible Learning Environment
As the Barrington 220 One to World initiative progresses, systems and infrastructure improvements keep pace with program implementation to help support the transformation of teaching ​and learning.

The iBooks Store describes the multi-touch book:
Barrington School District 220’s One to World program is a teaching and learning program steeped in curriculum, pedagogy, and professional development that integrates 24/7 availability of technology devices, provides ubiquitous access to the Internet, and delivers a set of innovative apps and services for learning. A multi-year rollout has fully equipped every student from Grades 1–12 with MacBook Air laptops for high school students and iPad for middle and elementary students. Teachers use iPad and Mac to rethink teaching and learning and implement new forms of classroom instruction, supporting personalized learning opportunities for all students. Barrington 220 is a public school district serving approximately 9,000 students in Grades Pre-Kindergarten–12 located 35 miles northwest of Chicago, Illinois.

The free book is available on iPad, iPhone, and Mac at bit.ly/220book.

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