Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Supporting All Barrington 220 Students Using Technology

Barrington 220 offers supports for your students who struggle with reading, writing, attention, organization, and more!

Do you have students who struggle with reading, writing, organization, staying on task, or communication? We have many resources available to support our students and to help meet IEP goals and IEP/504 accommodations. Here are a few of those resources...

AT Point People

The following people are a part of the AT Committee and we are here to answer basic questions for you regarding assistive technology: See the list of people in each building here here.  If you would like to join the AT Committee, please e-mail Kelly Key! Anyone is welcome, but we are still looking for representatives from; Grove, Rose and Prairie.

AT Toolboxes

In each school, we have boxes or a cabinet filled with low tech tools to support your students. Items include visual timers, adapted paper and writing utensils, noise cancelling headphones and more! If you want to check out an item to try with a student, simply sign out the item, try it out, and if it works, the ordering information is located in the binder in the box. Some items include: visual timers, noise canceling headphones, pencil grips, adapted paper, etc! Come check it out! If there is an item you would like to see added, please contact one of us. Ask your AT Point people any questions you have or to find out where your building toolbox is located. Check out what is in the High School toolboxes here!

Kelly Key, Assistive Technology Coordinator

If you have a student with an IEP or 504 plan that you would like additional support with feel free to contact Kelly Key. I am happy to provide training to your class, your staff,  or individual students.  For individual student consideration support, the first step is to fill out the Staff AT Consideration form  that can be found here:  and send the parent form home as well Parent form here

AT Website

We have a new Google Site filled with resources for reading, writing, organization and more!  We have app resources for the iPad, Chrome app and extension resources for the computer, core vocabulary resources to print and use and so much more! To access this site, go to

E-mail Kelly Key once the SETT form is filled out and send the parent form to Kelly Key as well to begin the process.


Everyone in district has an Infinitec account (this is where we watch the mandated presentations from HR).  Infinitec has a TON of resources for you to search including videos that you can get PDH credits for!  Check it out at be sure to sign in to access all of the great resources.

App Request for iPads

If you need a specialized app for a student to meet their IEP or 504 accommodations, please fill out this google form to request the app for each student you need the app for.

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