Thursday, October 5, 2017

Google Drive for Teams

When team members retire, take a leave or move on, it can be difficult to access important content saved to their personal Google Drive.  However, Google has released an excellent solution.

Google Team Drives are an excellent option for sharing important documents, folders, and other materials between team members. Simply create a team drive for your group, add members, and watch the shared contents grow. When files are moved to the Team Drive, the ownership of those files transfers to the team. This will eliminate the loss of files and the time consuming process of copying and sharing when staff members retire or move on. At this time Folders cannot be moved directly from an individual Google Drive to the team drive (without the assistance of a district Google Super Admin).

To access Google Team Drives, simply login to your Google account and navigate to Google Drive. You will find the Team Drives option in the upper left corner of your Google Drive Homepage.

Here are a few tips regarding Google Team Drive:
  • When a folder is moved from a personal drive to a team drive, a copy is created and ownership is transferred to the team.  
  • Any files shared individually within a folder moved to the Team Drive, retain rights to view, edit, etc.  
  • Shared folders become property of the team and must be shared again from the team drive to ensure appropriate access.
  • You may find files that you saved with the team in your "Shared with Me" and "Recent Locations"
  • All files are deleted from "My Drive" and all other folder locations EXCEPT the Team Drive location.

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