Monday, October 2, 2017

iOS 11 Improves iPad Classroom Workflow

Each fall, Apple releases a new operating system for iPad. the latest upgrade to iOS 11 includes several features to improve classroom workflow and day-to-day teaching and learning tasks.

Screen Recording

iOS 11 comes complete with options for you to record your screen. This is a game changer. Previously, you had plug your iPad physically into your MacBook Air, use QuickTime, and save your recordings to your laptop. To activate screen recording, add the feature to Control Center by going to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, and enable Screen Recording. Then, from your iPad device, bring up the Control Center and tap the recording button to record your screen. When you’re finished, simply go back to the Control Center and press the record button to stop. The video will automatically be saved to your camera roll.

Annotating Screenshots

Another game changer in iOS 11 is the ability to annotate and send out screenshots directly from your screen, without accessing the camera roll. To take a screenshot simply press both the sleep/wake and the home button at the same time. Before iOS 11, the screenshot would automatically be added to your camera roll. However, in iOS 11, the screenshot is added to the lower-left side of your screen where you can tap it and use the on-screen tools to draw, add text, highlight, and share it.

Scanning QR Codes with the Camera App

In iOS 11, no special app is needed to view QR Codes. Just use the camera app and it will detect a QR code automatically.

Scanning Documents with the Notes App

Another app you can scrap is your document scanner. In iOS 11, the Notes app allows for scanning documents. You can then share the Notes document to any other app on your iPad device (or share with another user).

An Expanded Dock

iOS 11 includes an expanded dock. The dock will now hold 13 apps or folders, rather than 6 in iOS 10. The dock also includes your three most recently used apps. Maintaining the dock with the most frequently used apps is a great workflow for multitasking.

These changes allow for more robust use of the iPad device. If you've found more helpful workflows and updates in iOS 11, please let me know at, or add them in the Comments section below.

A more in-depth look at iOS 11 on iPad is available here.


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