Friday, January 12, 2018

The Cashless Campus

The Business Services and Student Information Offices are working together to create a "Cashless Campus" for each of our Barrington 220 schools. The goal is to free teachers from the task of collecting cash and obtaining permission for students to attend field trips/events. Transitioning to a Cashless Campus adds improved efficiency and transparency in school fee management and aligns with the district’s commitment to strong accounting practices.

Eliminating cash/checks handling by classroom teachers and school offices reduces paperwork, resulting in increased instructional time in the classroom. Securing parent permission for students to participate eliminates the time consuming task of collecting paper permission slips and allows for automated parent reminders. In short, a Cashless Campus saves teachers time.

What is the plan for achieving a Cashless Campus? In October 2017 the district partnered with RevTrak to transition to a newly designed and expanded web store. Each school office has been trained in adding items to the web store and communicating with parents through Infinite Campus regarding the event/item. Reports are available for monitoring who signed up to attend and/or has paid for an item or event.  School offices and PTO organizations, along with a handful of teachers,  have successfully utilized the new web store to streamline payments and parent permissions. 

Teachers will enjoy the fast and simple method of adding items to the web store for purchase. Parents enjoy the option to make payments for additional school items such as trips, club/athletic fees, spirit wear, and more using their existing online payment account. Parents enjoy the convenient and secure option of paying for school items online using their credit card or checking account anytime 24/7, from any computer or mobile device.

The next time you need to collect money for a student event or product, please consider using the web store. Teachers and sponsors are encouraged to transition to using the web store for all student related purchases. Cashless is the goal!

A variety of training resources exist for staff. Take a moment and review the step-by-step instructions and learn more about using the web store for student purchases. Click here to review sample web store items. When you are ready to create your first item or event you may want to view one or both of the following videos:

How To Build a Web Store Product

Field Trip Tutorial

Building administrative assistants have experience working with the web store. BHS teachers can contact the department administrative assistant or Linda Ryan. Additional questions and feedback can be directed to LeeAnn Taylor and/or June Nilles.

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