Friday, February 9, 2018

Create Digital Books with iBooks Author

When teachers and students wish to take their Clips-created video the next level with additional tools, they can use iMovie, an app dedicated to creating videos with effects meant to help the video creator shape the story. Similarly, iBooks Author gives writers additional functions and freedom to take their written creation above what even the Book Creator app can provide.

iBooks Author is a macOS app, available for free from the Mac App Store. iBooks Author uses the familiar tools and layouts of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to help users create a multi-touch book, a type of interactive and enhanced digital book. With iBooks Author, videos can expand to full screen, photos can be presented as albums, and "widgets" can be used to check for understanding or demonstrate a concept using an animation. 

Some authors choose to take the books they've written and create digital copies without adding any further features. However, authors who use the iBooks Author app to create multi-touch books from their content allow readers new ways to interact and engage with the story. 

Recently, I attended an iBooks Author conference to learn more about how this tool can be used to help tell stories and share content. Here are a few authentic examples of how iBooks Author is being used by authors from all walks of life.

Lia Lagio uses iBooks Author to create better textbooks for students learning to become physicians in New York.

Luis Martinez uses iBooks Author to bring his own 1970 diary as a Marine in Vietnam to life. (Book is in process.)

Fritz Lauriston leveraged the advanced tools in iBooks Author to empower his students to write a phsyics textbook.

Luke Guidici wrote a book featuring photos from old cameras purchased from thrift stores using iBooks Author.

Jason Lamar used iBooks Author to partner with the Ohio Secretary of State Department to write a book about the State of Ohio and the History of the United States Presidency.

Bee Kapitan created a multi-touch book about all different types of cheese—including fancy and fine cheeses—using the tools of iBooks Author.

If you're interested in learning more about iBooks Author, check out some of these resources or see your LTA.

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