Friday, March 9, 2018

Seven New and Exciting Features in Padlet!

Padlet recently announced seven exciting new features available for use in the Padlet app or through a web browser.

  1. The new draw feature allows the user to sketch using the pencil drawing tool in a variety of colors on a black or white background.
  2. The voice feature allows students to capture their thoughts by recording audio with the iPad microphone.
  3. The snap feature allows students to take and post pictures using the iPad camera.
  4. The film feature allows students to record and post video using the iPad camera.
  5. The Google feature enables students to safely search for websites, videos, images, and more right from the Padlet wall.
  6. The map feature allows students to search for and add maps to the Padlet wall. There are four map types to choose from.   
  7. And last but not least, an existing Padlet can now be opened within another Padlet.  

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