Friday, March 9, 2018

What's a #BookSnap?

#BookSnaps are a short and simple way for students to demonstrate learning and comprehension of the books they read. A BookSnap is much like a Snapchat story in that it starts with single image that is further enhanced with text, stickers, audio, or emoji.

In a Twitter post, Tara Martin, the founder of BookSnaps says that "#BookSnaps allow students to draw meaningful connections to the text" @TaraMartinEDU. In an article from Tara states that "To me, the best part of #BookSnaps is the unique REALness the strategy reveals about the creator. Therefore, #BookSnaps need not be ruled by a rubric to produce what we want, but rather allow the students to draw connections based on what’s meaningful and relevant to them." 

Projects such as this allow students to share their unique voice, while applying critical thinking skills in a new and exciting way.   

Students can share thoughts, opinions, inspiring, or important passages quickly and easily. There are many ways to create a BookSnap, but Seesaw and Book Creator are two of the more popular choices.  

This BookSnap example asks a question of its audience and can be shared in apps like Schoology, Seesaw, Padlet, or FlipGrid to foster more complex discussion between students.

BookSnaps made in Seesaw are easy for students to edit and share with teachers, classmates, and parents. Please click here to watch a quick video demonstrating creating and sharing BookSnaps in Seesaw.

Creating a BookSnap in Book Creator allows for a more personalized products using tools with enhanced options for self expression. Please click here to watch a video demonstrating creating a BookSnap in Book Creator.


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