Thursday, April 5, 2018

Explain Everything 5.0

New Logo, New Theme, New Features 

The developers at Explain Everything recently unveiled an updated app including a new logo, an upbeat purple theme, and exciting new features to go along with it! Explain Everything 5.0 combines all of the tried-and-true features you love, with new and exciting updates.

The dashboard improvements include easy access to the most important elements of the program...creating, collaborating, joining, and sharing.

The Learn tab offers access to quick tips and ideas, the help center, support contacts, the Explain Everything Website, and blog.

The Library tab is an access container for all of the projects you own or have been shared with you. Projects can be stored on the device itself, in Explain Everything cloud storage, or on Google Drive.

Add Media: Quickly find and use frequently used or recently added media.

Infinite Scroll: Create an animation loop using the infinite scroll tool.

Click Here for a quick look at Explain Everything 5.0.

Click Here for more information from Explain Everything.

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