Thursday, April 5, 2018

Learning NOW in Barrington 220 Premiere

This week marks the premiere episode of Learning NOW in Barrington 220, an online video series highlighting learning in Barrington 220 from the student perspective. Each episode of Learning NOW in Barrington 220 focuses on one topic through the lens of students in different grade levels—elementary, middle, and high school.

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The Learning NOW in Barrington 220 web series was created by the District Technology Committee (DTC). The DTC is comprised primarily of Barrington 220 teachers and also includes administration and support staff. Beginning in November 2017, the DTC began planning a survey for parents and community and quickly identified that some of our community members may not fully realize how technology is being used in school. From this realization, the idea of creating a video series about learning for the parent and community audience was born. The DTC created the topics, designed the questions, and worked with principals to identify students to appear in the series.

Learning NOW in Barrington 220 is being produced by BHS-TV, led by BHS teacher Dr. Jeff Doles. BHS-TV production team members including Cameron Cox, Blake Davis, Connor Grider, Ethan Madison, 
Veron Phillips, Ben Pokorny, and Chloe Proebsting worked on the video and audio recording of the episodes, and senior Connor Grider continues to work on editing the episodes.

The series aims to create a better understanding in the Barrington community about how students learn now and how the classroom environment has changed with the addition of a technology device in the hands of each student. The first episode of Learning NOW in Barrington 220 will premiere this week on Thursday, April 5, 2018, and one episode will be released per week for a total of eight episodes.

Each episode of Learning NOW in Barrington 220 features three “student experts,” comprised of students from across Barrington 220. Topics are aligned to Barrington 220’s One to World program Vision and Mission.
  • Episode 1: The Classroom with student experts James Vondrak (North Barrington), Khadija Ikram (BMS-P), and Amy Tinajero-Rosiles (BHS)
  • Episode 2: Entrepreneurship with student experts Savanna Miller (Countryside), Cyrus Markazi (BHS), and Anusha Mohanty (BHS)
  • Episode 3: STEM with student experts Scout Storms (Roslyn Road), Zach Meyer (BMS-P), and Ishaan Sehgal (BHS)
  • Episode 4: Coding with student experts Jesus Gutierrez (Sunny Hill), Erik Hrysyk (BMS-P), and Kelsey Robbins (BHS)
  • Episode 5: Collaboration & Communication with student experts Morgan Smith (Grove), Brittney Monreal (BMS-S), and Ishani Majmudar (BHS)
  • Episode 6: Creativity with student experts Ethan Elias (Rose), Isha Soorya (BMS-S), Annika Steib (BHS)
  • Episode 7: Critical Thinking with student experts Chandler Ding (Hough), Manuel Sarmiento (BMS-S), and Riley Wilford (BHS)
  • Episode 8: Highlights (featuring student insights from each of the previous episodes)

BHS-TV recorded Learning NOW in Barrington 220
in the Black Box Theatre at BHS
Each episode also includes a short segment related to the topic highlighting an innovative and/or interesting use of technology by students in the district. For example, the Creativity episode features an interview with the student video team who created and ran the digitally projected backdrops for the most recent BHS theatre production of Joseph and the Amazing Technocolor Dreamcoat.

Finally, several Barrington 220 staff members assisted in the production of this web series, including Joann Fullman (Green Room Coordinator), Amy Jessup-Tilford (Lighting & Set Design), Hector Ontiveros (Production Coordinator), and Yazmin Aceves (Spanish Translator). Three administrators provided student transportation for the series, including Austin Johnson, Travis Lobbins, and Craig Winkelman. The series is hosted by Matt Fuller and Joe Robinson. A special thanks goes to all Barrington 220 principals for their support in various aspects of the series.

Learning NOW in Barrington 220 premieres on Thursdays from April 5, 2018, through May 24, 2018, on a custom YouTube channel. Each episode has subtitles available in English and Spanish. Please follow this link and click SUBSCRIBE. New episodes will be announced on the district website, Facebook, and Twitter. Beginning in May 2018, parents and community members who watch the series will get access to a survey with results being used to improved the One to World program in Barrington 220.

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