Wednesday, May 2, 2018

#bsd220TwitterAwards for April 2018

Twitter continues to be used as a great tool for teachers and administrators to share exciting events happening in classrooms and to connect with other educators around the world. This month we continue our series honoring those who use Twitter to share the ideals of our One to World Vision and Mission.

Each month, we honor four Twitter users:
  • One Staff Member, Grades PK–5
  • One Staff Member, Grades 6–8
  • One Staff Member, Grades 9–12
  • One Administrator Grades PK–12

April 2018: Staff Member, Grades PK–5, Twitter Award
Congratulations, Cecilia Villegas, @maestra_Ceci!

April 2018: Staff Member, Grades 6–8, Twitter Award
Congratulations, Amy Suessen, @Suessen220!

April 2018: Staff Member, Grades 9–12, Twitter Award
Congratulations, Jeff Doles, @PapaBear238!

April 2018: Administrator, Grades PK–12, Twitter Award
Congratulations, Chris Rohde, @MrChrisRohde!

As always, you can find all of the Barrington 220 accounts by searching the hashtag #bsd220 or searching my Twitter handle, @iJoeRobinson, navigating to Lists, and then following the #bsd220 List.

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