Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Robots Are Here

Students in Barrington 220 participate in after-school clubs, STEM rotations, Project Lead the Way lessons, and classes at Barrington High School focused on learning how to code. These classes serve as de facto world language classes as students learn vocabulary, grammar, and usage associated with coding languages. Students then use language skills to code to build websites, complete robot missions, create apps for iOS devices, and more.

With technology in your car, on your wrist, in your hand, and elsewhere, coding skills increase in demand. To help prepare students to use coding skills to solve problems and demonstrate learning, we have introduced a new program we are calling barrington <codes>barrington <codes> aims to help students build their coding acumen, while also giving them authentic opportunities to use their coding skills to demonstrate learning in any content area.

Teacher Librarians and teachers from every grade level in Barrington 220 participated in two introductory meetings this spring. During these meetings, we researched the current materials, including Apple's Everyone Can Code initiative which begins with Getting Started with Code, available to help teachers seamlessly embed coding into curricular activities. We also set our goal for the barrington <codes> program: to explore the possibility of integrating coding opportunities into all content areas.

Teacher Librarians and teachers received three different types of robots:

This program is exploratory, and some of the experiences so far have been very exciting!

To see more, please watch our Learning NOW in Barrington 220 episodes STEM and Coding at

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