Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Self Service Password Resets, a Sneak Peek!

It was quite the short week last week, but we did get some things done in that 2-day stretch. Here is a sneak peek at some of the work we did...

Officially being released to staff and students (of higher grade levels) this month, we are offering a new way to change Barrington 220 network account passwords, as well as providing a way for you to recover forgotten passwords without the help of IT staff. This service will be provided through the new web-based Barrington 220 Self Service Password Reset system.  

You know we like our acronyms and abbreviations in technology; this one is "SSPR." Typing in SSPR along with our domain name "" into a web browser ( will bring you to a secure district web page. Once your Barrington 220 network username is entered along with your current password, you will be asked to pick a series of questions and provide answers to these questions. This allows us to confirm your identity should you ever lose your password and require a tool to reset your password. Here are a few screen shots, courtesy of colleague and "beta tester" Dr. Matt Fuller:

The new SSPR system (powered by NetIQ) is stable, easy to use, and best of all it has been working well. Password resets can not only be frustrating to users, but can keep IT departments quite busy. I myself have been involved with two password resets so far today, coming on the heels of five days off for most of our staff and students, which is plenty of time away for some to forget a password. If you happen to try the system, please feel free to send me some feedback. As I mentioned earlier, this is just a "sneak peek," but fully functional version, of the new system.

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