Thursday, May 4, 2017

Barrington 220 "Storyboard That" Pilot

Have you been searching for an exciting new option to re-enforce English, history, special ed, STEM, ELL, & foreign languages; create graphic organizers; or create and deliver presentations? Storyboard That may have what you’re looking for. It’s a comic book, it’s a graphic organizer, it’s a versatile tool. Students can unleash their creativity, tell a story, create a visual representation, and model their thinking. Storyboard That is web-based, iPad-friendly, and great fun for teachers and students. 

Barrington 220 has been invited to participate in a pilot program that includes access to countless lesson plans and teacher guides for Grades K–12. Many of these have been created and shared by teachers just like you. Some examples include:
  • assess student understanding of concepts and vocabulary in the book, Sarah Plain and Tall
  • create a visual explaining math concepts

The user-friendly interface of Storyboard That makes it easy for students and teachers to get going immediately with virtually no learning curve. Every aspect of the pre-created scenes, characters, shapes, and text is fully editable and customizable to meet the needs of each individual. Click here for a sneak peek at the features available for teachers from Storyboard That.

Storyboard That has offered Barrington 220 an all-inclusive, 6-week trial. Once your account has been created, feel free to jump right in. Create classes, add students, create assignments, pull activity reports, access teacher guides and lesson plans or make a storyboard of your own, let your imagination guide you. 

If you are interested in joining the Barrington 220 trial of Storyboard That, please click here to complete a short form. This is a pilot program for the purpose of testing this service. Participation in the pilot program does not guarantee that Barrington 220 will use this service beyond the trial and/or pilot period.

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