Thursday, May 4, 2017

New Staff MacBook Air Laptops Have Arrived!

As mentioned in a previous post by Dr. Matt Fuller, staff members who currently have a MacBook Air laptop will be switching to a new MacBook Air laptop prior to the close of the school year.  These new MacBook Air laptops have an Intel I5 processor, 8MB RAM, and 120GB solid state drives. That's plenty of "horsepower" for any apps that come our way! The best news is that we can now spec apps and systems based on one MacBook Air model that is used by all staff members.

The exchange process is already underway and is nearly complete at several of our schools including Countryside, Hough, and Barrington High School. With the help of building LTAs and district Techs, the transition has been quite smooth so far. Laptops are exchanged, data is moved, and the older laptops are placed in storage for several weeks for any “just in case” circumstances.

Your MacBook Air swap will take place within your building and your email inbox contains an email message from Mark Polzin asking you to schedule an appointment. If you have not yet scheduled your exchange, I am including the appointment links so that you might take just a minute out of your schedule now and complete the request.

Did we already swap laptops at your building and somehow missed you?! No worries, call our tech support hotline at ext 1500 and we will schedule some time to make the switch.

Still hesitant about the exchange? Read these kind words from one of our staff members:

Hi Mark,
I wanted to send a quick email of appreciation to the team who worked on the MacBook Air swaps! They made the transfer so quick and painless. Please pass along my gratitude to the awesome team who helped all of the teachers at Countryside!

Schedule your appointment now!

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