Thursday, May 4, 2017

Apps and Subscriptions in Barrington 220 Q & A

Barrington 220 manages well over 1.3 million app licenses and software subscriptions for our staff and students as of May 2017. We have made it easy for teachers to:
  • discover which apps and subscriptions we have (by grade level and topic).
  • learn about app and subscription options and access.
  • request new apps and subscriptions.

Please use this handy Q & A to learn more.

Q: How can I see which apps my students can download from Self-Service?

A: is a complete list of apps available in Self Service (an app on Mac and iPad Barrington 220 uses to make most apps available to students and staff). The list includes a brief description of each app. Apps can be sorted by categories such as grade level, video creation, science, ELL support, and more. This document is open for anyone in Barrington 220 to access and sort. Updates are made every two weeks when apps are approved to be "scoped" (made available for a specific group of users to download).

Q: How can I see which subscriptions we have access to?

A: is a complete list of subscriptions available in Barrington 220. The subscriptions listed include a brief description of each service, information about which grade levels have access, and teacher/student username/password information. This document is open to anyone in Barrington 220 to access and sort. Updates are made every two weeks when the subscriptions are approved.

Q: I see an app that I like, but it's not available for my grade level. How can I get access for my students?

A: It's easy. Complete this Google Form: Every two weeks, Becky Wiegel, the Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning, Kelly Hansen, the Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning, consider all requests. Our review includes input from the Instructional Digital Age Learning coaches (iDALs) and is completed with follow-up either with our Technology and Innovation Department (for apps that need to be scoped) or with the appropriate vendor (for subscriptions).

You can review the entire Subscription and App Request process by reviewing our previous blog post, Apps for Everyone, and by watching this presentation:

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