Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Respondus StudyMate Flash Cards and More

Do your students suffer from hand cramps, Sharpie stains, or worse? For years students have painstakingly created flash cards by hand taking hours and hours of work for one test or vocabulary lesson. StudyMate is a feature that Respondus has recently bundled with LockDown Browser for K–12 educators and students. Although there are several external websites that offer similar tools to create digital study guides, StudyMate offers seamless integration with Schoology for ease of use by both teachers and students.

StudyMate is more than a flashcard. There are 11 types of interactive games that students can play to learn specific content. StudyMate projects can be created by both teachers and students as an assignment or as an independent learning opportunity.

Laptop/Desktop Version

High School students may simply click on the StudyMate app within Schoology to create or retrieve projects. The StudyMate app will open in another window that displays options for review games and flash cards.

Click Here for more information and instructional videos from Respondus.

StudyMate LMS & App Versions
K–8 students can launch StudyMate from Schoology in the web browser or download the StudyMate app, coming soon to Self Service.

Click Here for more information and instructional videos from Respondus.

Early Observations about StudyMate

The initial setup for the iPad app includes accessing Schoology and launching the StudyMate App to retrieve an access code. The access code is long and may be difficult for younger students, however; the set-up needs to be done just one time. 

Teachers: Don't forget to click "make available to courses" in the project settings in order to activate student access. The statistical data for teachers is limited to a full course overview and a total number of project views for each student. It does not include hard data regarding student access or interaction with the content.

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