Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Seesaw Activities, Flipgrid Ideas, and an Epic! Dictionary

Several new and exciting features are now available from Flipgrid, Seesaw, and Epic!

Students become more engaged and feel empowered when they are given an opportunity to own their learning. Flipgrid ideas is a brand new feature that allows students to think outside of the "grid." The ideas section is automatically created with each new grid. Teachers need to activate ideas for existing grids. Ideas is a space independent from the assigned grid or topic that allows students to record experiences, thoughts, or other items that they would like to share. The fifteen-second time limit encourages students to unleash their creativity while prompting concise, thoughtful content. Click here for more information from Flipgrid.

Kindergarten Students at Barbara Rose try out Seesaw activities.
Seesaw activities is an exciting new feature that allows teachers to assign items to students to complete within the Seesaw app.

Teachers can create their own, or they can access the activity library from their Seesaw Dashboard. Students simply tap the activity icon and then click add to get started. Once the student has completed the assignment, he or she will submit it to their journal. As always, teachers will need to approve each response. Click here for more information from Seesaw.

Thanks to a collaboration with Merriam Webster, Epic! has just released an exciting new resource called Dictionary look up. Students simply tap on any word in the book that they are reading for a spoken pronunciation, and a pop up kid-friendly definition. This new feature applies to every book in the Epic! library.

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